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For roofing, siding, and gutters in Missouri, Roof Patrol & Exteriors is the one firm that can deliver a perfect mix of client satisfaction, quality work, and affordable rates. Your property's exterior will be both attractive and functional.

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Proudly helping people with their roofing projects.

Started from the ground up in Missouri , Roof Patrol & Exteriors has been and always will be a local solution for a full range of roofing, siding, and gutter services. Our business is built on neighborly trust, quality work, and affordable prices.

90% of jobs are through insurance claims and you need a quality contractor to get the job done right. That contractor is Roof Patrol & Exteriors we even have a Public Adjuster on staff.

From homes to commercial estates and all points in between, serving the Missouri community with top-notch roofing has been our stock in trade. As demand has increased for our particular brand of quality, we've added siding and gutter services as a natural expansion to our ability, making us a comprehensive property exterior protection company, all jobs with Roof Patrol & Exteriors are built to International Building Codes Standards.

40 YEAR Manufacture Warranty

Roof Patrol & Exteriors guarantees their manufacturer, if ever within the next 40 years there is a manufacture defect, with our warranty you would get a full reimbursement. Roof Patrol & Exteriors, we do it right the first time.

Your new roof is right around the corner - call Roof Patrol & Exteriors today.

Our Services

A Wide Range of Services

Whether you own a single-family home or an industrial complex, we have the below services to fully protect your property from the elements while still looking good. Being local, Roof Patrol & Exteriors is equipped to deal with every possible challenge in Missouri.

When dealing with a commercial property in Missouri, there are a number of different options that Roof Patrol & Exteriors can provide, including EPDM, TPO, modified asphalt, and metal, just to name a few. Each comes with it's own set of advantages and disadvantages, but one of our commercial Roof Patrol & Exteriors will evaluate your property and help you decide on an effective roofing material.

A professional commercial roofing installation should last for decades if maintained properly, but if you start to notice leaks or other problematic signs, then it's time to give Roof Patrol & Exteriors a call. We'll be able to investigate your roofing to find the source of the problem and will give you an honest answer about whether we think it can be salvaged or whether a new roof is needed.

In addition to installation and repairs, we're also available for maintenance and improving your roofing in many different ways, such as adding skylights to reduce dependence on artificial light. Our prices for commercial services will rival that of any other local Missouri company and we guarantee the quality of any work we do.

Commercial-grade roofing you can trust is just a call away. Dial 636-725-4691 and speak to a Roof Patrol & Exteriors roofing specialist today.

As a homeowner in Missouri, you wouldn't be alone if you're considering a new roof - many have already made the decision to update their residential property and take advantage of new roofing innovations. Roof Patrol & Exteriors is an industry leader in home roofing and have completed shingle, metal, slate, and other material roofs for many satisfied clients.

What separates Roof Patrol & Exteriors from the pack is our commitment to staying on top of roofing trends and being able to implement them. Whether you need a seamless skylight installation or a full, professional shingle installation, we know exactly how to handle the specifics of your job. Following an on-site visit, we'll give a written estimate for all the services needed to bring your roof into the modern age.

With any roofing installation or repair job, Roof Patrol & Exteriors aims to deliver both added attractiveness as well as enhanced protection. Leaks and other issues can slowly deteriorate the integrity of your home, but our Roof Patrol & Exteriors can stop the damage in a cost-effective manner.

Call Roof Patrol & Exteriors at 636-725-4691 to discuss all the different roofing options to revive the beauty of your home.

For a low-cost answer to residential and commercial properties in Missouri that have seen better days, there are few solutions that work as well as siding. Available in a number of different models and colors, a Roof Patrol & Exteriors siding installation offers the quickest possible maintenance of any property exterior. Simple to clean and with a modular design that makes repairs literally a snap, there's a reason why so many people in Missouri choose siding exteriors.

While siding is a great option for those on a budget, there are some concerns. An improper installation can trap moisture and lead to serious problems. However, when you contract Roof Patrol & Exteriors, you're dealing with professionals that have countless siding installations under our belt. Our team knows what they're doing and your new siding exterior will be flawlessly executed.

The latest advances in siding technology have opened up new doors in terms of look and attractiveness. Staying ahead of the curve, we have access to many siding distributors and can offer a wide variety of options that will perfectly match your existing property. Compare our costs to other Missouri siding firms and you'll quickly understand why Roof Patrol & Exteriors is the preferred choice.

To see what siding options are available for your property, call us at 636-725-4691 and schedule an in-person visit.

The vast majority of properties in Missouri have installed gutters, but a large number are not performing up to their potential because of normal wear or a bad installation. In either case, Roof Patrol & Exteriors can help with gutter repair, cleaning, or a full installation when necessary. In short, we know gutters and will be able to determine the exact remedy needed for your underperforming gutter system.

As a feature of your property, gutters are designed to stop water from infiltrating your walls or foundation and causing damage. However, when your gutters begin to fail, you may notice leaks, cracks, overflowing water, or many other issues that could be gradually affecting the infrastructure of your property. In many cases, we'll be able to solve the problem with affordable repairs, but if the damage is already excessive, it could call for more drastic measures.

When Roof Patrol & Exteriors is contracted for a full gutter installation in Missouri, we'll start the process by discussing with you the different types of gutters available as well as the pros and cons of each. After deciding the material and style, coming up with an accurate estimate is a simple procedure and you'll know how much the work will cost before we begin.

Don't let leaky gutters erode away the value of your Missouri property - call 636-725-4691 and get the problem fixed.

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We offer 24Hrs Emergency Services

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